Next development goals

I finally got rid of a very heavy personal commitment, now I will intensify the development of MeetiX OS, which has long been inexorably stopped.

I intend to slowly apply these new updates to the system:


  • Priority and preemptive task schedulation.
  • Cpu usage and frequency calculation.
  • Process deallocation.
  • Shutdown & reboot.
  • Multi User support.


  • weNET: Window Environment Network, a new GUI compositor server.
  • Envfs: to manage environment variables on multiuser.
  • Procfs: procfs like the unix-like systems.
  • Read Atapi: to read on physical drives.
  • Iso9660: to read from real cd.
  • VirtualBox guest addiction.
  • Sound and intel AC97.
  • Dynamic linking.


  • Application: standardized and singletone class to create gui application.
  • libDriver: interface library to create and communicate with drivers.
  • Libc: time and getopt implementation.
  • IPCstream: class for high-level IPC.

User space:

  • Multisession support: multiple indipendent user session (no multi desktop).
  • Interpreter for the Mx++ scripting language (integrated into the mx shell).
  • MXterm: the new terminal interface of MeetiX.
  • Remove CandyShell and CandyTerminal.
  • Mx as the default system shell.
  • JavaScript applications.
  • Gui TaskManager.
  • Tetris game.
  • Pong game.

Development pack:

  • GCC and Binutils update to at least 6.3 version, preferred version 7.x
  • Use Scons or make to build sources, no more bash.
  • Documentation.