MeetiX OS 0.7.1

Hi everyone, I finally finished the heavy work I set out to do before adding anything extremely important as the updates listed in the last postor revisit a bit all the kernel / libraries code, order and comment on it well, so I can preserve me to write too much of documentation.

  • Rewrited all the commands and added a new one:  ntf, to send a notification to the desktop and show a graphics popup on the screen, like the UItweak.
  • Removed the EvaQuery interface, in favor of separate calls:
    uint32_t GetThreadCount();
    uint32_t GetThreadCountT(ThreadType type);
    uint32_t GetThreadTids(Tid *buffer, uint32_t length);
    uint32_t GetThreadTidsT(Tid *buffer, uint32_t length, ThreadType type);
    uint8_t GetThreadDescriptor(Tid id, ThreadDescriptor *descriptor);
    uint32_t GetProcessCount();
    uint32_t GetProcessPids(Pid *buffer, uint32_t length);
    uint8_t GetProcessDescriptor(Pid id, ProcessDescriptor *descriptor);
    uint32_t GetPciDeviceCount();
    uint8_t GetPciDevice(uint32_t position, PciDeviceHeader *header);
  • Now the window server is considered a server, so it has been moved to /sys/eva/server and its dependency files (backgrounds, cursors, etc …) have been moved to /cfg/gui/.
  • Added getopt to the C library
  • Added IPCstream to the utils library
  • Removed the FileKernelLog interface
  • Lot of other minor things, check the diffs on GitHub

I know there are lot of new bugs, but are due to the window server (with which I don’t waste any more time because i still rewriting a new one) and to the ramdisk driver which cause memory corruptions (within some versions its use will be reduced with the introduction of the ISO9660 fs). For this update I decided to avoid to post a new iso, too much unstable.


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