POSIX framework update

Updated the POSIX framework on the MeetiX’s libc. Now the system supports the most common pthread functions wrapped over the native API to create and manage the threads.

Available and working functions:

int pthread_attr_init(pthread_attr_t *attr);

int pthread_set_detachstate(pthread_attr_t *attr, 
                            int detachstate);

int pthread_attr_destroy(pthread_attr_t *attr)

int pthread_create(pthread_t *thread, 
                   const pthread_attr_t *attr, 
                   void *(*start_routine)(void*), void *arg);

int pthread_join(pthread_t *thread, 
                 void **retval);

pthread_t *pthread_self(void);

int pthread_kill(pthread_t *thread, 
                 int sig);

void pthread_exit(void *value);

Updated the stress command, implemented the test code for native threads and POSIX threads.

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