About Me

My name is Marco Cicognani and i’m 17. I live in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

I attend the high school ITT blaise pascal and i love programming and Calistenics.

I know theĀ  C, C++ (98/11) and C# languages. Until a few years ago I also studied Python. I’m also starting to study JavaScript to use it in MeetiX.

If you are interested or you want to partecipate to the MeetiX Project feel free to contact me at: marco.cicognani@btstore.com / marco.cicognani.2k@gmail.com

Why a new Operating System

I started 3 years ago the MeetiX Project to gain acknowledge about how operating system and personal computer works.

My target for MeetiX is to make as much a complete operating system as possible for my maturity exam to use it as argument.