MeetiX OS System

⊗ Graphical and interactive system

⊗ Non Unix-like architecture

⊗ Specific and patched GNU toolchains (v4.9.1)

GNU libstdC++ v3 port (v4.9.1)

Ghost OS libC port

⊗ Low Level C library to interact with the Evangelion Kernel ⊗

High Level C++ libraries to semplify the system interaction

⊗ Cairo, libPNG, libZ, Freetype and Pixman libs port

Evangelion Kernel

Written with C++11

Micro kernel Architecture

Preemptive Multitasking with SMP support

IPC with Pipe, Signal, Message and Shared Memory

⊗ ELF 32 binary support

Generic userspace driver support

⊗ Userspace filesystem driver support

Serial COM1 kernel logging

Virtual 8086 for BIOS calls

Copy-on-write implementation